Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Unspecified Occasion of a Celebratory Nature

Tuesday evening I had my brother and sister-in-law over for supper, since they will be out of  town over Christmas.  We had baked potatoes  topped with strained Campbell's Southwestern Vegetable Soup (I had the broth for lunch today) and topped with some Sargento's Mexican 4 Cheeses blend of shredded cheese.  I made a fruit salad with drained mandarin oranges and chunk pineapple using raspberry yogurt as the salad dressing.  Both my brother and SIL love cats as much as I do, but don't have any because she spends most of the week in San Marcos teaching violin at TSU, and he owns a violin repair shop here in town, and because of the amount of traveling they do hither and yon.  They had last seen Jaks shortly after I adopted him, and both he and Stormie put in an appearance.  Gobi, however, chose to remain in my bedroom sleeping on the bed.  Jaks was in kitty heaven stretched out between them getting scritched and stroked and otherwise indulged. 

I'm cooking Christmas dinner again this year for my folks and my good friend.  I had a yearly health checkup appointment to go to Wednesday, and on the way back, I stopped at Market Street, our local "high-end" grocery store to pick up the fixin's for dinner.  I'm cooking a turkey breast, and Prater's is providing the cornbread stuffing and giblet gravy.  We will have the traditional green beans, jellied cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. I'm going to cook the turkey breast in an "oven bag" again this year, as the one I cooked in the bag last year was very tender and succulent.  

Last year I found a recipe for a congealed cranberry salad made with whole berry cranberry sauce (1 can), cranberry flavor Jello (1 pkg) and Cool Whip (medium container).   You make the Jello according to package directions, then blend in the cranberry sauce and Cool Whip.  Refrigerate until it sets up.  I'm going to have it again this year. 

Right now, it's 31F/-1C and my weather widget has a snow icon for this evening, Friday and Saturday.  I'm hoping that if it snows, it won't snow much and will melt by Sunday, or at least the sidewalks will be clear by then.  My dad is what is called a "marginal ambulator" -- he is becoming quite frail and must use a walker to get around.  On top of that, he's nearly blind.  My mom telephoned earlier and she and I discussed options for getting him from the car into my house.  He has a wheeled walker that has a seat on it.  If the footing is "iffy" Sunday, we'll have him sit on the walker and we'll wheel him into the house.  I have no steps that need to be navigated, so that would definitely be an option. 

I'm going to be working from 9 a.m. to noon both Saturday and Sunday, but I have a feeling work will be light both days.  Anyway, I'll have everything ready to go so I can just stick the turkey in the oven when it needs to start cooking.  I can have some things done ahead of time, like putting my table linens on the table, etc.  And I'll make the congealed salad Saturday afternoon. 

I'll try to remember to take pictures this year -- at least of the "festive board."

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  1. I may be wrong but looking around me in London I have a feeling that Christmas is receiving fairly low-key treatment this year. As during the previous recession, I see shops with SALE notices plastered all over them before Christmas, obviously hoping to cash in on the usual last-minute rush.

    Many borough councils have reduced their spending on Christmas lights and our council, Islington, is the one that has carried out the greatest cuts. We still have some lights, though, funded partly by the council and partly by local business. Tigger and I are in favour of this reduction. Much as we enjoy pretty lights, we think the council is right to save money during these difficult times and divert it to more deserving needs.

    I don't doubt that families and individuals will find ways to enjoy Christmas. We shall. Christmas lunch will be "ping curry", that is, curry dishes bought from the supermarket and "pinged" in the microwave!


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